I, along with many of you, am completely consumed with thoughts of the tragic bus accident that has left 15 dead. Carrying a hockey team with many young men whose lives were really just beginning. They had dreams, they had goals, and in the blink of an eye all of that was taken away. Is it fair? Absolutely not. There is a lot in life that isn’t fair. My heat is literally breaking for these families. I can’t look at Social Media, listen or watch the news, read the newspaper without wanting to burst into tears. It’s safe to say being a mom has completely changed me. I have a small understanding of what these parents are going through and I have only been a parent for just shy of 7 months. It literally is my worst nightmare to just think of losing them. I have been holding my boys a little tighter this week.

HKO Sask Bus Crash 20180406

I pray that these families, friends, coaches, mentors, teachers, first responders will find some sort of peace through this horrible accident. I pray for those who survived and hope that they are given the strength to recover and face new challenges they may be given as a result of this accident. I pray that they don’t feel guilt for being alive. I also pray for the driver of the truck. I can’t even begin to understand the emotions and fear he must be going through. My prayers are with him and his family as they try to attempt to get back to somewhat of a normal life.

I am a woman of faith, I am a Christian. I believe God has a plan for everyone. In times like this even with my faith I can find myself asking “Where was God?” and “Why do things like this have to happen?” The thing is, God never promised us a perfect life. He never promised that we weren’t going to have hard times, or that people wouldn’t get hurt. He has promised to be there for us in times of need, in times of struggle. It is up to us to draw near to Him, to seek him, and ask for help, peace, and understanding. I came across this little article that reminded me of this so I am going to share it with you.

I am not writing this post to start a theological debate with anyone. This is not the time or the place when a nation is grieving. My hope is that just one person might be helped by this post, that they might just be able to breath a little lighter as all of Canada sheds a tear for these lives lost and these lives that are healing.



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