Goodbye February…Hello March…


I know we are not supposed to wish time away, but I am so thankful to say goodbye to February and hello to March! February has been a month of transitions for our family, and it hasn’t been easy. Joel has been away a lot off and on, not gone long enough for myself and the boys to establish a good routine with ourselves, but long enough that I just wanted him to come back. He left again on Monday (February 26th) for 20 some days (you can never be too sure on actual dates in the military- just a ball park). I am now three days in and to say that I am being challenged is an understatement. Although the coming and going in February was challenging I am thankful for it, as it gave me the confidence to know I can face this long stretch. Although I will be tired and there will be days that I just want to give up and crawl into bed and cry, there are also going to be amazing days (like yesterday) where I just can’t stop smiling at my two handsome little men, and thankful for all the time we have to spend together, and thankful for how healthy they are!

The hardest part of Joel being away is not the help he provides with the house and the boys, it’s the no communication and the thought of how much he is missing with the boys! They are changing every day and doing new things every day! I just miss being able to catch up at the end of the day, and the simple little “I love you” text messages- those are the challenging things to get through. My mom has always said to us that we are a “couples couple” (I think she made up this term) but to her it means we are a couple that just loves to be together, and when we aren’t together life just isn’t quite right.  And that’s enough sappiness for one day…

There are so many exciting things happening in March! The first being Joel comes home! yay! There is an end in sight! Will he be gone again… the chances are high, but right now I am just focusing on the fact that he is coming home and we don’t know what’s next!

Second, My cousin Beckie is coming TOMORROW!!!! What a great way to say Hello to March! Beckie, is more like a sister to me than a cousin! We haven’t spent any real time together since my wedding (5 years ago)! We are long overdue and I am so excited to have her here and to meet the babies and for the HELP! Although, I don’t think she knows what she is getting herself into!!!

Thirdly, on March 13th my babies are going to be… wait for it… 6 MONTHS OLD!!!! How is this even possible???? I can’t believe it! They amaze me everyday with how well they are doing! We seem to have finally fund a routine and strategy that is working for us (for now). We are sleeping, they are napping better, and we are all a little more happier because of it! I hope to soon write a blog post about our parenting strategies that have worked for us and have completely been a game changer in our family!


So with that being said, Goodbye February, and March; I am SOOOOOOO ready for you!



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