My Pride and Joy

I haven’t written a blog post in about a month, needless to say I have been a little preoccupied with adjusting to our new life, which is, do I need to say it- BUSY!

Our days consist of feeding two babies every two to three hours, changing diapers, having tummy time, as many snuggles as the babies can handle, the occasional nap, bath time, doctor appointments, and VERY full hearts! People have often said to us “I can’t imagine two babies, how will you manage?” I was never really able to answer that question until now- “I can’t imagine there NOT being two babies!”- would be, and is, my response. We got a small taste of having one baby when we were able to bring Harrison home from the NICU, but had to leave Hunter behind. That was a very challenging time as there was a big piece of our family missing and we weren’t able to be with Hunter as much as we would have liked. I didn’t like having just one baby, but that’s because there was supposed to be two.

Harrison and Hunter on the days they were discharged from the NICU!

Having two babies is really not that much different than having one. You still have to do all the same things, just twice! And when you finally get one baby settled, you have to do it all over again because the other baby will need comforting! Our days are busy, and the time is flying by, but we feel so blessed to have these two little boys in our family!


There have been sleepless nights, there have been the occasional meltdowns, by not only the babies, but we are surviving and coping quite well! It’s a marathon to get ready and out the door in time for appointments, but we have succeeded so far! The boys have adjusted quite well to life at home and they are doing so well! Harrison is now 7lbs 6.5oz and Hunter is 7lbs 5 oz! They have done a lot of growing! People still comment on how tiny they are, but to us they are HUGE! They are both great eaters, and are so strong. Both boys have rolled over already and they aren’t even two months old! They are very curious about things and are constantly looking all around. They enjoy listening to stories and music, and they love their big sister Rosie, and she also loves them!

These two are truly such a precious gift from God and we love them so much! We can’t wait to watch them grow and see how they change! We are excited for more adventures ahead, as we can tell already when they get on the move life is going to be even more busy! I think we are going to have our hands full, but I can’t imagine having my hands full with anything better than this! Below is one of their newborn pictures, we are looking forward to seeing more soon!



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