Some days are an emotional rollercoaster…


I will start today’s blog with the happy news!

I am very happy to report that as of yesterday we have made it to 32 weeks in this pregnancy! This is a big milestone in twin pregnancies and I thank God that we have been able to make it this far.  Babies that are born at 32 weeks have a 90% chance survival rate, lung development is much better, although there is still a lot of growing left to do.

Now for my life feeling like an emotional rollercoaster… and some disappointing news after feeling so excited yesterday.

The last ultrasound I had there was some concern about the growth of the babies, it was decided by my doctor to look into this further. Yesterday, I had another ultrasound that my doctor was going to go over with me at the hospital today.  So, this morning Joel and I made our way into the hospital for a stress test to make sure the babies heart rates are still where they should be, and to meet with the doctor to get my ultrasound results.

The stress test took about 20 minutes to make sure there was a good read of both hearts, and of course one baby was not cooperating and kept moving so we would lose his heart beat altogether, so I was left to hold the monitor down on my stomach for 20 minutes. When the time was up my hand was a permanent claw and my arm felt like jello. Joel told me I shouldn’t have stopped lifting weights (always so supportive!)

Finally, my doctor came in and gave us the news… which isn’t terrible, just not what you want to hear.


He said from the ultrasound I had yesterday the babies seem to have stopped growing, “their growth has trailed off”, were his exact words. Which obviously isn’t ideal, we want them to grow as much as they can before they are ready to come out. He said they are about 2 weeks behind in their growth, which isn’t terrible, but again we want them to grow! All of my fluid levels for the babies are still where they need to be, which is good because once those drop- if they do drop- then babies have to come out. They need those fluid levels. What does all of this mean? Well it means that the babies are under a little bit of stress, I will be finishing this week at work, and then I will be off, which I had originally planned to go another two weeks. It means a whole lot of monitoring the babies. two stress tests a week, another ultrasound in two weeks, and then another trip to the hospital to see what’s up- this will bring us to the 34 week mark.

So all in all, as of right now we are all still okay. If you are the praying kind- please pray that by the grace of God my boys will grow a little more and continue to develop the things they need to make their lives easier on the outside. Pray for piece of mind for Joel and I, knowing that God is in control of all that is to come. Pray that we can continue to make it through this pregnancy without any further complications or stress on the babies.

Thank you for reading, and praying for us! Hopefully my next blog will be less of a dear diary entry to cure my emotions!


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