We’re in the home stretch now!!!

I am writing this post from somewhere new today… the unfinished nursery! However, there is a very comfortable chair and it is nice and peaceful. Sometimes I just come in here and sit and think about all the exciting moments we are going to have in this room! Here is a little sneak peak of our nursery!



I know I have said it before, and I am going to say it again… time is FLYING! Today I hit the 30 week mark, I can’t believe that in just a matter of weeks we are going to get to meet our boys!

How am I doing? I know a lot of you are wondering/asking and the truth is I am still doing really well. Although, I am convinced now more than ever that I am running out of room for these little men! I do have moments where I am quite uncomfortable, I have two little sets of feet digging into my ribs, and sometimes it feels like one of the babies is going to explode out of my stomach from the amount of pressure I feel, but I wouldn’t trade these feelings for the world. I have certainly slowed down and things that I used to have no problem doing are now almost impossible (like cleaning the bathtub). It’s almost time for Joel to step up to the plate!!!  I have about 4.5 (22 days- but who’s counting) weeks of work left and I am just trying to focus on getting through one day at time. I am also quite exhausted, between the amount of times I have to get up to use the bathroom (an average of 4 times per night), the boys kicking and wiggling, and hot flashes it’s hard to get a good nights sleep!

What’s next as we continue to prepare for our little bundles of joy? Well some of the things that I have to start thinking about are a little intimidating! Like it’s time to get my hospital bag packed! Just in case, realistically these babies could come at any moment so now is the time to have my hospital bag packed and ready in case we need to make a run for it.

We need to make a shopping list. Figure out what the most important items to have upfront and ready to go for either home, or hospital for the babies. I would say we have done very well and the majority of our larger items are taken care of, now it’s just the smaller items that you don’t think of until someone (my mother) reminds me that it might be a good idea to have!


Try to take some ME time! Although this is proving to be a little difficult with working full time, I am enjoying my quiet evenings at home, reading before bed, taking long showers. And next weekend Joel and I are going away overnight with friends to Winnipeg, it will be our last getaway, and is also the first time we leave our sweet Rosie in a kennel!

Lastly, we patiently wait for babies and for Grammie and Grampie Little to arrive at the end of September, hopefully before babies are born! We already have a list started of what we need help with! Dad is so great at putting things together, because he has the patience of job! And mom, well I need her to organize my life- or the babies lives! She will help me get everything set up so perfectly!

This has probably been my most uneventful blog post since I started blogging, but I promise you there are certainly going to be some exciting days to come in the near future!






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