Time keeps marching on…

As I looked at the calendar today I realized just how quickly time is really moving! Tomorrow I will be 26 weeks pregnant! Which leaves only 11 more weeks until these babies can “safely” arrive into the world (as you may know most twin pregnancies do not last the full 40 weeks, so I personally am aiming for 37 weeks- God willing!)  Today also marks only 8 more weeks of work to get through before I have decided to go on maternity leave. Again I am aiming to keep working until mid September- but anything could happen!

To think about “not working” is a very weird feeling. We grow up being taught that you go to school to learn, go to University or College to prepare yourself for your future- which of course involves getting a job. You need to work to survive. I have always been a hard worker, even working two jobs at once for 3 years, which averaged out to about 60 hours a week. I love the jobI have now- working at the Bridal Shop has been amazing, it has brought me a lot of happiness, new experiences, and I have learned a lot about myself being thrown into such a new role of Assistant Manager of the shop. I have been given responsibilities and had to face challenges that I never expected. I am really going to miss this job, however, I know the role that I have coming up will be the most important, fulfilling, rewarding job of my life- a mom!


I remember in grade 12 graduating from high school when everyone asked the famous question, “what’s next?” “what are your career plans?” When I graduated I honestly had no idea what I wanted to do, I thought I wanted to be a teacher, but I never felt the desire to truly follow that path. I remember someone asking me “what are you passionate about?” The only thing that I could come up with was helping people- with what? No idea! I also remember digging deep with a Youth Leader and coming to the conclusion that the only thing that made sense to me, the only thing that made me really happy when I thought about my future was being a mom, even more than that- a stay at home mom (time will tell with that one).

As I prepare myself for the biggest “job” of my life, of course I have about a million questions running through my mind. What if I am not good at this “job”? What if I don’t like it? What if I can’t do it? What if I don’t know what to do? Of course I can hear some of you already moms out there laughing- because I know, even now, that no one is really good at this job- you grow into it and learn- just like any job, and there will be many mistakes made. I know there will be parts over the years that I won’t exactly like, same thing as feeling like I can’t do it, or that I don’t know what to do. The scary part it there is no manual, no step by step guide to figuring this job out and climbing the ladder of success. The only “guide” or “manual” we have is trial and error, and thankfully, by the example, help, and advice of our parents and friends around us.

Am I ready? Not at all! Am I excited? Definitely! Am I scared? Absolutely! Deep down do I think I can do this? Yes, with the help of those around me, lots of prayers, and a wonderful partner by my side- there is not a doubt in my mind!

Life update: Joel is home from England, and we are working on trying to get the babies room organized and set up little by little! There is still so much to do! But one of these blog posts will be dedicated to the babies nursery! We had some pictures taken (maternity and gender reveal) we brought our sweet Rosie with us and can’t wait to see all the great shots! For those of you who missed our announcement we are having TWO BOYS and we are thrilled with this news!19959128_10155121424942740_1581539642724780259_n



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